Will Disney find the Rainbow Connection?


With two features and a crumbling television show, it's Disney's toughest nut to crack and they still have yet to break through.

The Muppets are a crucial part in the psyche of our culture. They are loved by children and adults alike, enjoying cross-generational appeal. They represent the best of our humanity through their wild joy and mayhem but ultimately they inspire us to look deep in our hearts and know our purpose. Disney has yet to find the Rainbow Connection.

The Rainbow Connection is sung by Kermit the Frog in Jim Henson’s first feature film. It's a mystical lyric that speaks to us about our destiny and desires. The solution to Disney's problem is found within this award winning anthem.

With 95 million people out of the workforce, America has lost hope and people don't know what to believe in or know their purpose. There is angst in their souls. They need permission to pursue their dreams. This is the Muppet's audience.

People of all ages and backgrounds and their families are hungry for inspiration. The message of the Rainbow Connection is the best product in the Muppets brand. Implementing it in great storytelling will meet the needs of the audience.

If Disney taps into that, perhaps we all will rediscover the magic and mystery of the Rainbow Connection. They will finally save the lovers, the dreamers and me.

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~ Jurri Schenck